Bajaj allianz Life Insurance Complaints - Unfair trade practice

I'm complaining on behalf of my father Tuntanbou Guangta Policy number 0284595782, At the time when he join the policy, the agent told that he can claim policy after 1 years of the joining day, along with interest after completion of one year. however,when he approached the company for refunding the amount. Based upon the representations of the agent, my father took the policy. The agent filled the form on behalf of my father. And now The company refused on the grounds that he is not eligible to get back the money until he complete 3 years of regular premium payment. So why did the agent cheat us? So I want my capital amount of Rs. 12998 back ASAP which i have paid to the agent. My father was never informed about this by the agent, instead the agent had cheated my father by misrepresenting about the duration of the policy. When I myself on behalf of my father contacted official through e-mail, I was told that the policy could not be redeemed or cancelled because my father did not request for the same during the fifteen days from the day the policy was taken. Although, my father was not informed about anything, and at the very first place it was BALIC agent who cheated my father. That, as a consequence of misrepresentation and deficient service and the repeated incompetency displayed by their employees, My father have suffered undue hardship, financial losses and mental frustration. I have tried my level best to resolve the issue, which can be gathered from the numerous attempts to contact Bajaj customer team, but all that has been in vain because the company simply refuses to listen to my grievances. The Company is indulging in unfair trade practice by misrepresenting about the quality of its services. It is disappointing that your company has been so irresponsible and unprofessional. This kind of unethical behavior is not at all expected and welcomed by any customer. I had given my complaint numerous time since from last year october 2013, it's being 5/6 months but my complaint was never being resolve and now i have received a very bossy e-mail that the company cannot refund my amount and their decision is final. Is the company really listening to my grievance??? As a consequence of your deficient service and the repeated incompetency displayed by your employees I have suffered undue hardship and mental frustration. I would like to emphasize that:

•You have been grossly negligent in resolving my complaint.

•I have undergone a lot of extreme stress and mental agony because of your deficient service.

Given the above sequence of events I request you to compensate me with an amount of INR 12 998/- that I had paid for the policy. In addition I demand an amount of INR 20000/- for the extreme stress and mental agony you have caused to me and the cost incurred by me in trying to resolve the matter.

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