Blackberry Complaints - Mobile not supporting wifi nor datamobile


The problem exactly is of internet cannot be acessed through wifi ie if i go to manage connections and turn on wifi and make other necessary settings still acess to internet could not be attained nor acess to internet could be attained by data services option in manage connections option by activating an internet plan on reliance network {plan taken was one customized for blackberry} , The mobile doesn't support whatsapp nor BBM like after 5-7 failed attempts only their downloading could be done and even after being downloaded it doesn't work ie no receiving or sending of text takes place nor games and other apps could be downloaded by this device nor be used.
The problem persist from the time of its purchase ie from 4th april'2012 being an inactive user of internet i came to know about it only in march 2013 and yaa it was under warranty then infact till september '14 end it was in warranty and since march which i am regularly co-ordinating with the local redington service centre and yaa even twice the mobile was send to blackberry centre in bangalore for a remedy but all in vague.Software reload has also been tried on this phone but all in vague my problem is not yet solved.
And yes i tried using wifi without a sim but the problem is same either you insert sim or not no acess to internet by wifi could be obtained .I am currently using reliance network but before i have also used uninor network even there i took a plan for blackberry internet acess but of no use
I have made all the attempts to get the problem rectified by both redington and other technicians in surat -Gujurat where i stay and even i showed my mobile to blackberry"s promoter in surat Mr. mehanaz and even sent my phone to bangalore's office via redington helpcentre in surat but the problem couldn't be rectified. So i am pretty sure the defect is with the handset The problems is troubling me now since as good as a year I am strongly asking for a replacement since last may when my phone was in warranty but everytime surat redington took the device in their custody and ensured a solution but no solution was found ,the mobile still don't support internet by wifi or mobile data so waiting for a positive response to get my handset either rectified or replaced because acess to internet is a must in todays time.
The co-operation from blackberry centre either be bangalore or surat centre is disguisting ,I will neither myself nor would ever recommend anyone ever to buy blackberry.
Customer is in trouble since a year but no co-operation ,if it would have been samsung or i-phone customer support would be chasing me that mam is your problem rectified but here there is no co-operation
So either you take your handset back and give my cash back becauser the handset is still in new condition due to lack of its usage due to technical defaults yaa i have its bill and other documents its major use has been done by surat redington only to get it repaired so kindly oblige.

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