Spectrumoutsourcing.net is a Fraud & Biggest Scam Company of India Complaints - Spectrumoutsourcing.net is a Fraud & Biggest Scam Company of India

Hello Friends my Name is Ejaz khan and i am from Ahmedabdad Recently, I was mislead and cheated by
a online work from home website, it is called spectromoutsourcing.net and Owner of this company is
Faisal Khan & his Mobile no is 09898090209 who is a biggest fraud in india It is purely a bullshit
Company which grabs money from you to work from home online!!!!!I took it up 2 months back and I was
very excited after seeing the testimonials at the website spectromoutsourcing.net and so decided to
take it up as a full time job as I was in search of a
online job!!!Initially, they said we have to pay 11000/- for Insurance Form Filling Project for
One PC and TAT is 24 days only so I paid the money and I got that order from Ahmedabad his Owner Mr Faisal Khan Politely
Told me about the work ans also told me that whenever i will face any kind of problem while working
than i can contact him any time and after working 4 days when i faced a problem than i contacted
to Faisal Khan on his mobile no -09898090209 and informed him about my problem but he behaved rudely
over phone and said to send my problem to his my problem to his mail Id and dont need to call again again to ask
my problem than i sent my all problem to his email Id but i did not get any reply
from him than after 6 days called him to get the status of my problem but he said he will reply me
tomorrow but there was no reply than after 2 days i contacted him again but that time he got angry also warned me
why i am calling again again but than he said he will reply me today in the evening than i got reply in the evening it means Friends
i had waited for my resolution for almost 10 days than i never sent any problem to him....after 24 days on my submission day when i was
sending my work..my net was not working i told him to give 5 mins more to send my work as my net was not working and requested him to send my
work from cafe so i need 5 to 10 mins more to send work but Faisal sir behaved very badly and never accepted my request
than i began to cry requested him also told him i have worked hard on this project for this project i never sleet for whole night but he did not care
and disconnected my phone..3.00PM was deadline than i called him on 3:05 PM told him that i am in cafe i am going to send my work but he abused me over phone
and warned to not send my work as time is over i was very crying i requested him to accept my work otherwise i will lost my 11000/-
but he abused me again and disconnected my phone....I have never seen a man like FAISAL KHAN in my life who never
care for hard work and Hard Earned money
he is a biggest fraud..this is my story friends i am sharing with you pls Guys Beware of Faisal KHan and

!So, Please can you do me the justice and get back my hard-earned money that
is INR 11000/-!!!I will be glad if you can help me getting justice and will always be grateful to you if you help
me get my money back!!!!Kindly oblige!!!!

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